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Born of English and Dutch parents in Geneva (CH) in 1989, Tom Brunt begins the guitar at the age of 16. After digesting the great classics of rock (Hendrix, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, etc.), he turns to funk and incorporates a Geneva based collective: L’Hébüh.

Thirsty for musical freedom and improvisation, Tom then turns to Gypsy Jazz and Jazz and plays in several bands in western Switzerland, and touring in Europe with his Gypsy Jazz quartet. In parallel he joins the professional Jazz School of AMR / CPMDT in Geneva where he will have the chance to study with, among others, Vinz Vonlanthen, Maurice Magnoni and Ohad Talmor, as well as followed workshops and/or had private lessons from John Abercrombie, Ben Monder, John Taylor, Pat Martino, Tim Berne, Bill Carrothers, Brian Blade, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Gary Peacock, Marc Copland, Jacob Sacks, Dan Weiss, Ben Wendel, Dan Tepfer, etc.

After 5 years of teaching group lessons in the AMR and dedicating himself to the study of different styles of  guitar playing (jazz, avant-guard, folk, gypsy jazz, traditional music) and electric bass, as well as composing and arranging for different projects, Tom decided to challenge himself and his music and moved to Montreal, where he is now studying composition and arrangement at UdeM and performing around the city.

His main bands are The Black Buoy Project and Zepless, in which he explores a personal blend of folk music and sonorities with a “jazz” approach to improvisation.

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